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Please take a moment to learn about Ballot Initiative 77 and why you should VOTE NO ON 77.

Business Owners' Perpective

Impact on our staff

This Ballot Initiative is bad for our team too, both tipped and untipped workers. Take a few minutes to find out how it impacts restaurant workers.

Save Our Tips

Mezcal 101

We love to hear the question “What is mezcal?” because it gives us a chance to turn someone on to the beautiful world of this complex spirit. Here at Espita Mezcaleria, it is our goal to be serious about mezcal so that you don’t have to be ...more


We take reservations up to 30 days in advance.  All reservations are for a two hour seating to ensure all other reservations can be honored.  Thank you for understanding.

Unfortunately we do not accept regular reservations for parties larger than 6.  If you would like to inquire about a cocktail reception or other events, you can find out more information about our offerings here.

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