Secret Tacos

You found them. These are our secret tacos. While our menus feature more composed, “chefy” tacos, at heart, we love street tacos as much as everyone else. Although they are presented fairly simply by our standards, they are not short on flavor. In fact, they are secretly two of our favorite tacos.


Rich lamb shoulder barbacoa served with shaved onion, salsa verde, and cilantro.

The barbacoa is the star of the show here. Since we don’t have a pit oven on site, we marinate it in the lamb version of our adobo (more chiles, and a touch of mint) before lightly smoking it with mesquite, then wrapping it in banana leaves. We take this little lamb package and roast it, stepping the temperature down periodically to simulate being in a pit oven. This is a favorite of our chefs and butcher.


Our house chorizo rojo, with pickled onion, cabbage, salsa verde, salsa fresno on a blue tortilla.

This is a taco that we found ourselves making for ourselves in the kitchen. We always have these ingredients on hand, so there were a few weeks where we just kept making little tweaks to this taco until we were satisfied. Sometimes we add avocado if we’re feeling saucy, but realistically, it doesn’t need it. It is spicy and rich with really nice texture. This is a favorite of the kitchen team.

These are both available at dinner and lunch. The chorizo taco is available during brunch as well, but be explicit, as we have a chorizo & egg taco at brunch as well.